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  Teddy & Me Parties  
Our fundraising program is a great opportunity for your school or organization to make some substantial money in a fun and easy way! There's no need to sell those dreaded "gift catalogs" or another magazine -- instead host a fun event for all your families and their friends via a Teddy & Me Parties fundraiser!
Here's how it works:

* We will provide you with an invite to the event, created to your specifications, to be copied and distributed to all students or organization members

*We will also provide you with a sample animal dressed in clothing to be displayed for students to visualize size and quality.
* We will provide you a sheet of pictures of the various animals, clothing, etc., that we will be offering at your event. You can then copy and distribute this sheet with the invite or it can be displayed for everyone to vie

* The participants will be able to choose an animal of their choice from the assortment that we bring to the event and then handstuff the animal themselves, filling it with lots of love and dreams.  Last of all, they will make a birth certificate and a bag to carry their new furry friend home in.  If they wish, they can also dress their animal in one of our "beary" cool outfits that we offer.

What You Make

Large 16 inch animals are sold for $15.00 each...............You profit $4.00 from each animal sold.
Clothing is sold for $10.00 each....................You profit $2.00 from each outfit sold.
All accessories (separates, shoes, sounds) sold will make a profit of $1.00 each for you.
Prices are based on event to be held in Summit county...........if to be held elsewhere, cost will be slightly higher based on location of event.