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Additional Party Items

  Teddy & Me Parties 


Additional Party Items


If you are looking to make your party extra 'beary' special, you may want to check out some of these additional items that we can add for you.  All of these ideas will help simplify your part of the party and allow you time to enjoy the event.



Balloons add a special glitz to the party and can be used as an additional gift to send home with each of the guests, if you choose.

12 balloons for $10

26 balloons for $20


Face Painting:

Face painting is one of those things that kids just love!!  We will bring a sheet of ideas for the kids to choose from.  They can either have the painting on their cheek, arm, or even hand.

up to 10 children.............$10

11-20 children..................$20



We will provide the food and also be the hostess/server during the party.  You may choose from:  (This add-on is included in Tea Party and Little Chef Party.)

Pizza, chips, and pop/juice

Finger sandwiches, chips, and pop/juice

$2.95 each



Our invitations are hand-crafted with either stamps and/or scrapbooking techniques.  You provide us with the list of names and address's and we will create and mail our custom personalized invites to each of your guests including the birthday child!!

up to 8 invitations created and mailed..................$12

Additional:  $1.50 each


Party Favors:

Our adorable little gift bags to go home with each guest consist of several theme related items and a few little sweets too!!

$3.95 each


Table Decor:

Includes plates, cake plates, cups, napkins, silverware, and tablecloth that  coordinate with the theme of your party.  (This add-on is included in Tea Party and Little Chef Party.)

service for up to 10 guests................$25

(add an additional $10 for each group of 5 or more)


Stuff a Mini-Animal:

Spice up your party by having each one of your guests create their own mini stuffed animal to take home.  Our 8 inch animals (not shown) come in several different animal choices.  Guests will be able to stuff their animal themselves and fill it with lots of love and dreams.  They will then take their animal to the 'beauty parlor' and brush their fur until beautiful!  Last of all, they will create a birth certificate for their new furry friend.

Cost:  $9.95 an animal

(This activity will take an additional 45 minutes approximately.)