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Animal Stuffing

     Teddy & Me Parties   
Animal Stuffing Party
Most appropriate for:  all ages!!!

Party time:  approximately one and a half hour

Here's all the 'cuddly' details:

Your children will be able to stuff their VERY own teddy!!  They'll choose an animal of their choice and then fill it with tons of stuffing and lots of love and dreams!!  Then they will make a birth certificate for their new furry friend and a special bag to carry him home in.  Last of all, if you choose, they may dress their new friend in one of our many 'beary cool' outfits.

The party starts with a few coordinated games and then we move into the stuffing fun.  Our goal is to take over all the entertainment part so that all you are left with is the food and the gift opening.  And we can even provide the food if you choose!

The best part of it all, is that it is stress free for you................we do all the work, while you have fun too!!!

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